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Sue has been running successful workshops for years, helping people gain confidence, manage stress, relationship issues, public speaking, mindfulness,  relaxation.  Master Minding Groups to help increase productivity.


We have staff who cover issues with staff health and safety, work contracts, and difficult issues in the work place.


Want a group booking or corporate rate. call me for free initial consultation.




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I am a Fully Qualified Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, with advanced qualifications & a Nursing Background

Consultation rooms in Stanley, Gateshead and Washington.



Clinical Hypnotherapy

Gastro Band Hypnotherapy

Many years experience all types of hypnosis helping all types of people from all backgrounds.  CBH, TFT, EFT, NLP Advanced Coaching, and a variety of techniques to help clients achieve the desired outcome . Friendly confidential service.

Sue holds advanced qualifications in Hypnotherapy and other therapies to help conditions such as: Stress | Confidence | Fears and Phobias | Anxiety | Inner Child and Regression. MORE >

When you’re ready it is crucial to choose someone who is properly qualified, with experience, and trustworthy.


Sue Smith is a multi national award winning hypnotherapist. Experienced and uses a combination of weight management hypnosis, conscious techniques, NLP, CBT and Gastro Band Hypnotherapy. MORE >

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Group Therapies

Hypnotherapy, Can it Help You?

In 1995 a review of 18 different studies involving 577 participants showed hypnotherapy to be consistently effective for treating most types of psychological problems. In total there are over 11,000 studies showing positive benefit using hypnotherapy as an intervention. "CBT combined with Hypnotherapy has a synergistic effect and showed even greater benefit" (Kirsch et al. 1999:4). No intervention (treatment) can ever claim to be 100% effective. It would not be ethical for a therapist to say then can cure you.


However, hypnotherapy is an established practice and has a long history behind it with various famous hypnotherapists in the past such as James Esdaile and Dr James Braid who carried out thousands of painless operations including amputations in the 1800's, James Braid, Franz Anton Mesmer, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Dave Elman and in more recent times Milton H. Erickson. Always check out symptoms with your G.P first, and look for a therapist approved by National Professional UK organisations such as the CNHC or APHP

Recent Case Study

A Managing Director came to see me suffering from anxiety attacks, and sudden loss of confidence. New staff members seemed to be the cause of the initial attack. But underlying the acute symptoms it became apparent that this person was suffering from long term stress as a result of placing too much pressure upon themselves as a 'high performer' and 'leader'. After a few weeks there was a vast improvement in this person's health and whole new personal approach to the work situation.

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A book designed to help new hypnotherapists.  Many therapists go into the industry because they want to help people, but not always aware of the business aspects.  Indeed up to 80% of therapists go out of business in their first year.


Sue has a background in business AND therapeutic fields, she is very aware of the needs and requirements of new therapists.


After being invited to speak at the APHP National Conference, she chose the subject ‘Marketing Therapy’, because she truly believes good marketing not only helps therapists stay in business, but also helps deliver better therapeutic outcomes.


This book takes therapists through a proven model to grow and sustain their practice over time, and achieve successful results.