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Sue has run many successful workshops for years, helping people gain confidence, manage stress, relationship issues, public speaking, mindfulness,  relaxation.  Master Minding Groups to help increase productivity.  During the recent Covid 19 guidance no group activities.






All conditions.  Many years experience.  Working on line or in safe environment.   Call, what's app or text me on 07725 814742 or e mail [email protected]

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Gastro Band Hypnotherapy

Need a safe and quick solution to anxiety, lock down fear, depression, sleeplessness, lack of motivation, acute phobia?   I am a fully registered clinical hypnotherapist, with CBT, TFT, EFT and NLP qualifications and can help you.  I have many years experience with all types of problems.  I was voted as TOP Three Therapists in Gateshead, and have won several national awards.  Friendly totally confidential service.

When you’re ready it is crucial to choose someone who is properly qualified, with experience, and trustworthy.


Sue Smith is a multi national and local award winning hypnotherapist. She is experienced and uses a combination of weight management hypnosis, conscious techniques, NLP, CBT and Gastro Band Hypnotherapy.



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Group Therapies

Hypnotherapy, Can it Help You?

In 1995 a review of 18 different studies involving 577 participants showed hypnotherapy to be consistently effective for treating most types of psychological problems. In total there are over 11,000 studies showing positive benefit using hypnotherapy as an intervention. "CBT combined with Hypnotherapy has a synergistic effect and showed even greater benefit" (Kirsch et al. 1999:4). No intervention (treatment) can ever claim to be 100% effective. It would not be ethical for a therapist to say they can cure you.


Hypnotherapy is an established practice and has a long history behind it with various famous hypnotherapists in the past such as James Esdaile and Dr James Braid who carried out thousands of painless operations including amputations in the 1800's, James Braid, Franz Anton Mesmer, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Dave Elman and in more recent times Milton H. Erickson. Always check out symptoms with your G.P first, and look for a therapist approved by National Professional UK organisations such as the CNHC or APHP

Recent Case Studies

Linda could not sleep and had suffered from sleepless nights and anxiety for many years   We worked on relaxation, training about stress and anxiety.  I trained her to practice self hypnosis.  After just one session she said she had the 'Best Night's Sleep Ever'.  We then did regression and some healing work around childhood issues.  (Using Inner Child Therapy, and Regression Therapy).  After 4 further sessions she felt much better, and still wanted a couple of on going 'Coaching' Sessions to help her to make some new lifestyle choices and develop a new goal for her own future.  She now feels much calmer, can sleep well and is making some important changes in her life.  In total we worked together for under a year and a total of just 6 sessions.


Managing Director  (Tom) came to see me suffering from anxiety attacks, and sudden loss of confidence. New staff members seemed to be the cause of the initial attack. But underlying the acute symptoms it became apparent that this person was suffering from long term stress as a result of placing too much pressure upon themselves as a 'high performer' and 'leader'. After a few weeks there was a vast improvement in this person's health and whole new personal approach to the work situation.


Jenny, was being bullied at school. Aged just 14 her parents contacted me.  We had two sessions using a combination of techniques to help her improve her confidence.  She went on to her next year with far more optimism and was able to concentrate better on her studies, and improve her grades.

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