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By suesmith, Sep 14 2017 05:19PM

This is something close to my heart as I have experienced many changes throughout my life. I have moved house at least 30 times, had more than 24 different jobs and four different career changes. Some of the changes were by choice and some were forced upon me and some just seemed to develop naturally. Currently I am moving house and I am a great believer in the power of experience and practising what you preach. My recent Mindfulness Teaching Session was about managing change.

We know that change is inevitable and is a normal part of life, nothing stays constant, and we have little control upon, even our immediate, environment. All we can control is how we choose to feel and respond to changes around us, and to know that we can perhaps influence things positively if we start from a base line of positivity.

There are the practical aspects of planned change and I am a great believer in preparation, and planning which often take the form of daily to do lists.

Also the emotional aspects, not just your own feelings, but of those close to you. I like to be organised and have been clearing out, de-cluttering, and packing for months, in a very systematic and organised way. Even if the sale had have fallen through for example, I knew that I would simply market the house again, and that the inevitable consequence would be a move, so with this in mind I decided to sort everything into sections. The ‘Must Keep’ group, the ‘Maybe keep’ group, the ‘Time to let go’ group, then it was deciding whether it would be to charity or to rubbish, or to sell was the next question.

This purging exercise is very good for the soul, a sense of lightness started to fill me as I released past items and their memories to the charity box or tip. But also I do not feel rushed or panicked because if I’d have waited until we exchange contracts it would create a different outcome entirely. This has happened to me in the past when one couple purchasing a previous residence wanted to move in immediately. It was stressful beyond belief attempting to arrange so many services, and pack in such a short time period.

However, the fact that I have been organised this time has caused some stress to some of those close to me. I had not realised that my daily list of packing, cleaning, preparing, and chucking out was unnerving loved ones. Especially as they do not want to move, whether they actually live with me or not, they have become attached to my house and beginning to feel a bit insecure, wandering when I might throw them out with the rubbish too!

So the lesson learnt is that even if you are organised, you pack in good time, prepare all the letters for your service providers and tick all the boxes you can, and even if you practice self-hypnosis, meditation and can remain calm within, do do remember to take those you love gently along with you. Remember to delegate, show compassion and take time out to be with them reminiscing and reassuring them of your constant love in this world of change.

By suesmith, Aug 29 2017 12:01PM

Four sessions of Intensive Weight Management Therapy for just £180 if taken at my Gateshead Centre during Autumn 2017. Limited time and places. This is due to moving and refurbishment work.

By suesmith, Aug 11 2017 05:06PM

Special discounts for the rest of August and early September. Four sessions of intensive conscious therapy and hypnotherapy including either Gastroband Hypnotherapy or intensive individualised motivational therapy. Normal price would be £350 for total package taken over two months.

£200 up front price only for August and September, and only if taken at my Gateshead Therapy Rooms. Limited places!

By suesmith, Jun 26 2017 10:31AM

Now is the time to think about de-stressing, dieting or combating a fear of flying.

A holiday is about enjoying yourself, not about feeling guilty about what you eat, or embarrassed about how you look on the beach, or a time to dread the journey.

To make sure you enjoy your holiday 100% and get the most out of it in terms of feeling ‘On Top of the World’ when you come home, feeling re-charged and rested, then now is the time to get rid of any barriers to your full enjoyment.

Whether you need help with focus, planning, relaxation, social confidence, weight, control with eating habits, or fear of travelling, get in touch now for a special holiday season discount of 10% on my normal prices. Simply state that you are booking under the holiday season discount as stated on my blog for your 10% off a potential holiday of a lifetime! You deserve it!

By suesmith, Apr 8 2017 09:51AM

Inner Child

Discover hidden aspects of yourself and the effect on your present life.

Venue: Will be in Chester le Street. Exact Address when you book or call me.

Wednesday 7th June 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm

6. 15 to 6.30 p.m: Arrival: Tea Coffee snacks. Welcome from Sue Smith

For more info go to www.suesmithassociates.com

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** Please note. Only £10 if paid in Advance

OR call me to let me know that you intend to attend to enable me to prepare printouts etc.

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