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By suesmith, Mar 17 2019 04:17PM

Mindfulness and Self Hypnosis Classes starting in May. Second Tuesday of the month at the Purple Dragon, 37, Front Street, Stanley DH9 0JE. Run by fully qualified practitioner and experienced national award winning hypnotherapist Sue of Sue Smith Associates. Voted in Top 3 Hypnotherapists in Gateshead. Come along and learn how to improve the way you feel, how to resolve issues at work or in the home, how to find inner calm, confidence and many other topics covered. Depending upon numbers we may run two classes twice a month. Hurry, we already have bookings.

Just go to my Shop and scroll down to Mindfulness and Self Hypnosis Class.

By suesmith, Mar 13 2019 11:34AM

Starting classes again at the Purple Dragon Front Street Stanley 7th May. Limited places so let me know asap if interested. You can book at :


Purple Dragon Image attached.

By suesmith, Oct 19 2018 11:56AM

Event run by Sue Smith Associates and Tony Murphy Consultancy with the support of the Greenhouse, post event report.

Event took place in the Willowburn Suite on the 20th September 2018 from 10am to 4pm.

Promoted via various social media networks. Also promoted on the local Bishop and Aycliffe FM Radio.

On the day there were 20 exhibitors and 6 speakers.

Topics covered were:- ‘An Introduction to Homeopathy’ by Dr Sen a local G.P and owner of the Washington Metaphysic Clinic. The use of Pottery and Art to relax the mind, Conflict management, ‘How to turn complaints in to compliments. A flower display and talk about how flowers can lift our spirits. There was a talk about mediation and relaxation, also Essential Oils that help us feel uplifted or calm depending upon how we use them.

Exhibitions included therapists ranging from Chiropractics through to Clinical Hypnotherapists and Yoga trainers. Also the Smoking Cessation Team from the Greenhouse were present and a local physical exercise specialist from ‘Keep Moving’ demonstrated a few exercises. Yvonne from ‘Healing Hands Massage’ offered some free neck massages in return for donations to Willowburn Hospice.

All the exhibitors had generously donated prizes for Willowburn Hospice and a raffle was conducted and all the winners informed. The results of the raffle are still to be finalised, as the donations were taken away by Nikki from the Willowburn Hospice to be counted separately.

Over 80 delegates booked in on Eventbrite and several via Facebook Events. Due to bad weather and storm damage, which affected some transport links about 59 attended on the day right through from 10am to 4pm, some delegates simply visited for an hour or so and a few stayed for most of the day.

Feed back forms completed were 21

What did delegates like the most? ‘ Most said, ‘Meeting new people’, ‘Networking’’ ‘The friendliness’, ‘Lovely Venue’ ‘Interesting Talks’ ‘Nice to have an interested Audience’, a few said ‘Spacious’, and a few said, ‘Informative’.

Dislikes? Nothing, apart from one person wanted a different stand position.

How could we improve? ‘More Visitors’, ‘More Breaks between Talks’,

Overall was the visit worthwhile? ‘Yes definately’, ‘Very’, and a few said ‘yes’

Other? Hope that there are more of these in the future stated by a few.

Feed back on the day. Most people said it was a lovely calm atmposphere and a lovely day.

For a first event of this kind, which was quite unique we were pleased with the outcome, and the opportunity to be able to promote complementary therapies in the Stanley Area.

Sue B Smith Local Clinical Hypnotherapist Sue Smith Associates, and organiser.

By suesmith, Aug 13 2018 01:58PM

Time to think about enjoying the sun while you can and get away from it all.

Or maybe you need help with fear of flying, stress, image and confidence? Or you might simply need a mental break?

Often my clients feel so relaxed after a session, that it feels as if they have had a complete break from everything and they feel ready to get on with their lives again.

Some clients just want to lose weight before venturing onto the beach again, some of my clients come to see me for general anxiety.

What ever it is, you know you deserve the best for yourself in life, make the most of every day. Sometimes just one session is needed to make a big difference.

So why not give it a try?