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By suesmith, Aug 14 2019 12:38PM

Tuesday 10th September 6pm- 8pm

Our next session

Purple Dragon

(Shop and Therapy Centre)

37 Front Street, Stanley

DH9 0JE (Near Pact House)

Book by return e mail, the link below, pop in to the shop,text or call me on

07725 814742. Friendly Small Group

Date - Tuesday 10th September 6pm to 8pm

Venue - The Purple Dragon

Cost just - £ 8 per head, includes refreshments

Every second or third Tuesday monthly

To book go to :- Booking

More info go to www.suesmithassociates.com

e mail me at info@suesmithassociates.com

By suesmith, Aug 9 2019 11:57AM

When we are anxious, or worried we actually have a FULL MIND of Negative thoughts. Our neurons are ‘firing off’ creating patterns in a crazy type of moving matrix.

It is rather like attempting to listen to calm relaxing music at a Glastonbury Music Festival with all the stages performing at the same time.

Mindfulness (Being in the Now, Focused, Attention to thoughts and feelings, being present, calm, caring, having kind thoughts, forgiving).

The opposite of Mindfulness in this context is:-

Scattered thinking, Not present, being judgmental, selfish or arrogant, trying to control events and people, None forgiving and noticing other peoples faults, Overthinking.

So if something happens that is not to your liking, it does not mean you have to keep thinking about it. Out thoughts and projections around the event ‘EMBED’ this into our thinking, and generates negative feelings such as fear, anger, anxiety, confusion, cloudy thinking, exhaustion and eventual depression.

We get ADDICTED to negative thoughts. (As connected to our amygdala our fear centre, so the ‘grooves, tracks or embedded thoughts are ‘deeper’ more entrenched) Aaaaaghh !

We have to FIGHT BACK!!!! and never give up on looking for the positives.

Regaining a none judgmental, kind, forgiving attitude , and simply observing from moment to moment takes practice and gives us emotional FREEDOM!

How do you know when you mind (Based on neg thinking patterns) is seeking to control you?

1) When you ignore natural instincts - Gut feelings

2) When you say NO but then end up saying yes

3) When you are constantly checking your phone and social media

4) When you are being judgmental or critical

5) When you think repetitive worrying thoughts

6) When you become aware that you are trying to control someone else

7) When you become aware of negative thoughts about yourself

8) When you notice you are being a perfectionist

Awareness is a skill that takes time to learn. Acceptance takes practice

If you are depressed you are living in the past

If you are Anxious you are living in the future

If you are at peace you are living in the present ‘Lao Tzu’

Happiness is a state of mind, not a set of circumstances. ‘Richard Carlson’

By suesmith, Jul 26 2019 11:53AM

 Mindfulness and Self Hypnosis 

Tuesday 13th August 6pm- 8pm

Move Mindless Anxiety to Tranquillity

Purple Dragon  

37 Front Street, Stanley

DH9 0JE  (Near Pact House)

Book by return e mail, the link below, pop in to the shop,text or call me on

07725 814742.  Friendly Small Group

              Date    -   Tuesday 13th August 6pm to 8pm

              Venue -   The Purple Dragon

              Cost reduced -   £ 8 per head,  includes refreshments

Every second or third Tuesday monthly

To book go to :-    Booking  

   More info go to www.suesmithassociates.com  

 e mail me at info@suesmithassociates.com