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A few examples of how my work might help people overcome their issues.  *

 *Nb Case studies are not evidence based and cannot be substantiated due to strict confidentiality'.

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Case Studies

M. came to see me with a dread of going through an MRI scan in early 2010. She needed to have the scan because of a suspected tumour, or suspected bleed into her brain (stroke). In spite of wearing headphones, and counselling at one of the local hospitals, she could not stay in the scanner, breaking out into a 'cold sweat' in her own words, with feelings of panic due to what she described as 'claustrophobia'.  

On our first session I used conscious analytical techniques, with NLP and light hypnosis. On the second session with M, I used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy with positive suggestion using her own language patterns and tailored scripts I had written just for her. The day after this session she arranged for her scan, and I offered her telephone support the day before the scan.

M underwent her scan completely successfully with no fear, and the clinicians were able to diagnose her exact condition. M was able to have treatment for her ailment, and said that without my help she would never have had the correct diagnosis and treatment which saved her life.

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A large company wanted to employ a new legal representative. The previous member of staff had not 'fitted in' with the organisation, causing stress, demotivation to other staff, and to themselves. The legal representative had saved the company a lot of money on tribunal cases in the past, but due to work related stress, actually made a successful claim against them for harassment in the work place.


The cost of attrition, settlement, legal costs and re-recruitment was in the region of £48,000. Not counting staff days off sick in the department, (higher than the rest of the company) cost of lost productivity, increased administration, and mistakes made.


A recruitment agency asked me to help with the process of finding a replacement. They did the testing for competencies, personality, legal checks and qualifications. I administered the i.W.A.M (Measure for Attitude and Motivation in the working environment) provided by Mind International. I have trained in Conversational Decoding and as a licensed agent; I was able to test potential clients for their work attitude and motivation. I had previously tested the rest of the team and management, so was able to provide a model of excellence for the motivational patterns required for this particular role, and help to structure the wording in the advertisement to attract the right candidate. Choices of candidate were based upon: - Qualifications, CV, Experience, References, Competencies, Personality, and now importantly, BOTH Attitude and Motivation designed not only to suit the post, but to match and compliment the team. The decision process helped with diversity, removing personal opinion from the original screening processes, and helped the organisation match the right person to the right job within a shorter time frame to the normal interview process in place. Three months later, the company are delighted with the result, they have a new real team player on board, attrition levels have fallen, and normal productivity has been resumed.


They also feel that the use of the i.W.A.M as a measure of team motivation, promotion and in recruitment, and helps with not only with diversity, but has become a useful 'layer' in their stress management/prevention policy. Meaning it is actually preventing stress from happening in the first place, so not a traditional policy for managing stress once the negative stress is already there!

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A company wanted to measure the 'patterns' of their management team. We conducted tests on over ten of the management team, and then produced a 'Team Report'. From this the management team were able to identify the strengths in the team and motivational traits that were missing from the team in order to strengthen the team. This also helped identify the teams' motivational patterns and identified which roles and elements of those roles they were most suited to, thus enhancing team understanding of each others roles and their own motivational factors. The reports highlighted areas where conflict could arise, as part of an overall stress management plan then adaptations could be made as a result of the final assessments.   Confidentiality prevents use of testmonials in some of these case studies.

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Julie contacted me saying she was 'Too scared to leave the house’; she was a 17 year old, intelligent teenager from a warm and loving home environment. Various factors had led to her developing atherophobia and agoraphobia. After 3 visits to her home spending about an hour on each session, she was able to start socialising once again, and has started going out with her sister. She cancelled her fourth session, stating that she felt a lot better and had regained her 'old confidence', but might contact me again in a month or so (if she felt the need). I used a combination of CBT and NLP techniques and taught her self hypnosis, using anchors and repetitive techniques to help her subconscious 're-learn' to filter external information she receives differently. Some techniques to boost her self esteem and general self confidence helped too.

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Tess came to me for weight management she was 17 stone. She had tried everything including diet classes, and hypnosis but nothing worked. She seemed to zigzag up and down with her weight but gradually she seemed to be slowly increasing in size. With every diet she lost weight, only to bounce back and put on more and be heavier than she was when she started the diet.


After the first two sessions, she lost 2 stone within the first 3 months, and felt really good. She came back to see me in April this year for one more session, and continued to lose a further two stones by the beginning of July, and did not find this difficult. She rang me today to inform me she is now 12 stone and her target is to be 11 stone. She does not need a further session yet. But may come to see me for a 'top-up' session, if at any time she finds it difficult to maintain her new size or to lose a further stone.


She said that she feels more relaxed, calm and in control of her eating and her life now, more than ever before.

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Company Manager Clare contacted me first in 2012 with a fear of public speaking. After two sessions, she said it felt like a ‘miracle’ had taken place because she could now do presentations. However in 2013 she was promoted to head of accounts and made a director in the company, she faced the prospect of having to make presentations to large audiences. Although she had been comfortable making presentations to colleagues and new staff in the past, the idea of having to present at a national conference with over 200 in the audience, and in particular her peers and fellow directors from other departments filled her with terror!


Also the idea of making even a small presentation to a small group of peers in the company, including the Managing Director filled her with apprehension. Clare was knowledgeable, well educated and confident in her normal everyday personal life. But she experienced the symptoms typically associated with panic when facing an audience, such as:- rapid heart beat, tight knot feeling in the stomach, shaking, dry mouth, weak legs, sweaty palms, headaches, feeling dizzy and hyperventilating (Breathing shallow and fast).


After three one hour sessions, Clare was able to present at a national conference, and to her peers the next day, and sent me a text immediately afterwards thanking me saying how calm and in control she had felt, and how well received her presentation was on each different occasion. I recommended for the future, although she is welcome to come and see me again about any issue, she might like to join a speaker organisation as Toastmasters perhaps to continue to develop her professional and much more confident public speaking skills.

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Gail contacted me with a fear of birds. So bad was her phobia that she would practically run out in front of traffic if a bird came anywhere near her.  After two sessions three weeks apart lasting three hours in total, Gail went on holiday and sent me photographs over a mobile phone of her in a park surrounded by birds. She was smiling and texted me stating that she had no fear of birds now.

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A Managing Director came to see me suffering from anxiety attacks, and sudden loss of confidence. New staff members seemed to be the cause of the initial attack. But underlying the acute stress it became apparent that this person was suffering from long term stress as a result of placing too much pressure upon themselves as a 'high performer' and leader.


After a few weeks there was a vast improvement in this person's health and whole new personal approach to the work situation.

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