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£120 for 2 hours  

Effective therapy at an affordable price

I am an award winning hypnotherapist who has helped many people, and I look forward to helping you through your difficult time too.

This page outlines my prices, but please do get in touch if you aren't sure what you need.


You can pay through my Online Shop, over the phone or in person.


Full Assessment:

Professional memberships include - RGN, ABPI, MAPHP,  MREBHP, MCNHC, MNRPC, UKCHO.

Full initial consultation, assessment and first therapy: £65 an hour / £120 for 2 hours


One hour continuation hypnotherapy from just           £65


Long term support, including relaxation sessions       £50

Tailored to the individual.    

Weight Management:

Anxiety, Phobias and Fears:

Smoking Cessation:

In the case of smoking cessation and most phobias only 1 to 2 sessions are required with no further follow up. Prices reflect quality and depth of work.


*Less than a month's smoking costs on average, plus all the add on benefits!

For most phobias only 2 or 3 sessions are required with no further follow up. Prices reflect quality and depth of work. Long term therapies i.e. for stress or relationship problems can attract a discount if therapy is required on a monthly basis.

£65 an hour

£120 for 2 hours

Therapy depends upon numerous factors and is tailored to the individual. Most people achieve success within 3 to 5 sessions. Starting at £120 for 2 hours.


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How Many Sessions are Necessary? 

*Cancellations   - Note there is a £20 charge if we are not given 48 hours notice. 

About Sue Smith

Winner of ‘Best Client Management’ Award in 2013 and 'Best Technique' Award in 2014, at the National Hypnotherapy Conference in London. Invited speaker and author, made a Fellow of the APHP in 2017. Also a member of national bodies such as the CNHC, approved by the NHS and some major corporate insurance companies.

£65 an hour

£120 for 2 hours