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"Good marketing helps you to not only stay in business but also improves the outcome of your therapy."

As a Fellow of the APHP and running a successful hypnotherapy business for 12 years, let me help you grow your business.

Sue Smith


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Grow Your Therapy With Sue:

About Sue Smith

Winner of ‘Best Client Management’ Award in 2013 and 'Best Technique' Award in 2014, at the National Hypnotherapy Conference in London. Invited speaker and author, made a Fellow of the APHP in 2017. Also a member of national bodies such as the CNHC, approved by the NHS and some major corporate insurance companies.

Sue prodcuced a full team analysis report for my whole team, including one to one feedback.

My objective was to get the team motivated and working together more cohesively.  We were able to identify key motivational strengths within the management team.  Thanks to Sue's help.


P Lawton M.D

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Why Work With

Sue Smith?

Sue Smith has spent the last 12 years building a widely recognised successful practice.


But having accumulated dozens of hypnotherapist qualifications and becoming recognised as one of the top APHP therapists in the UK, Sue recognises the importance of not just being a good therapist - but also being a good business person too.


Sue believes that previously having over 20 years in business has helped her massively to grow her practice and realises that not everyone has this vital experience.


If you're finding it hard to make your therapy- business a full time career paying you

sufficient income, Sue can help you...

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Following Sue's talk at the APHP National Conference in 2016 about Marketing, a number of new therapists contacted her for mentoring help.

As well as being a registered supervisor Sue is trained in new business mentoring and was delighted to be able to help those new therapists many of whom went on to obtain outstanding results.


The service involves an initial contact by email, a phone call or skype call, in which you're asked for more detail about your business. Sue may send you a form to complete and ask if you have any problems and what you would like to achieve with your practice. This is followed by a number of monthly pre-arranged confidential emails or phone calls as you choose. Over a period of 6 months Sue will support you with her expertise and with agreed action plans and outcomes.


If you are not entirely satisfied with the service after 6 months, and providing you have followed the advice given, there is a full money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by engaging with Sue to help you with your business.


For more information about how to engage with Sue Smith for a mentoring service, simply fill out the form below for more information.


"Dear Sue thank yo so much for sending me a copy of your Business Plan Document.  (Chapter 1)  I thought it was an amazing read - fantastic depth and detail, and would be very difficult to improve on.  Once again thank you for sending the document and I wish you every success with the book.  I have already made vast improvements in my business.  


Julie L Hypnotherapist (I.D protected)

"Susan your business plan is very interesting, and informatiive,   I have followed your guidelines over the months and delighted to inform you that business has improved.  Thank you for your help.


D.S  Hypnotherapist (Practice in Essex) I.D Protected

"I am a managing director of a large company based in London, and engaged Sue's services on line for my fear of flying.  Vital to my business.  We used Skype and Sue used a technique called NLP as well as hypnosis.  After just one session I was able to get on the plane (after years of not being able to fly) and fly abroad for business.  I got on with my business and did not even have to leave the office.


C.R (Independent review on free index. I.D Protected)




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Many therapists go into the industry because they want to help people. But they aren’t always aware of the business aspects. In fact 80% of therapies go out of business in their first year.


Because Sue has a background in business AND therapeutic fields, she is very aware of the needs and requirements to help.


After being invited to speak at the national conference, she chose the subject ‘Marketing Therapy’, because she truly believes good marketing not only helps people stay in business, BUT deliver a better therapeutic outcome too.


This book takes therapists through a proven model to grow and sustain your practice overtime, and achieve incredible results.



Thank you.   I stopped comparing myself with others, and concentrated on my skills and knowledge. Great grounding for a perfectionist.  Beverley Hamilton Hypnotherapist.